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The Definition of a Real Man

April 25, 2011

How would you define what a “real” man is and what influences in society either promote or undercut manhood as you define it?


There is no set definition for what a “real” man is but I do believe I know a few criteria that will definitely place someone in the running!  A “real” man knows how to take care of himself , survive and provide for his family.  I real man is never afraid to stand up for what is right.  I real man struggles to succeed by always giving 100 percent and doing his best, I real man also leads by example by looking after his peers and all that look up to him.  A real man is a protector and ensures the comfort and well being of the ones he loves.  I real man knows how to take care of his kids, if he has any by being a positive and consistent figure in the life of his children.  I real man is comfortable within himself and holds himself accountable for his actions whether right or wrong.  I real man knows how to apology when he does wrong and he also strives to properly handle a situation by making things right.  A real man knows how to be a good brother , son, father , friend and confident!  

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