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Art Can Be Dangerous

April 25, 2011

Novelist Salman Rushdie recently wrote an opinion piece in the New York times in which he said that “Art can be dangerous.  Very often artistic fame has proved dangerous to artist themselves.”  Respond in your blog to this quote, discussing how art, whether it be writing, painting, dancing, and musical performing and producing, can be dangerous and what exactly is meant by the word “dangerous” in connection with art.

Rushdie’s article can be found at the web address below:    

“Art can be dangerous” according to Novelist Salman Rushdie and I believe this is definitely true on many levels.  Art is powerful because just about everyone if not everyone connects to art! One of the strongest art forms in my opinion in music.  Music is definitely univeral.  That is why you can have an American Artist go platninum all around the world even if the listeners do not understand the lyrics.  You can sense the emotion often times without being able to decipher one word.  I feel that although art  is usually a positive thing and can fuel plenty of danger for example.  There are artist of today such as Lady Gaga , Beyonce , Jay Z , and Rihanna (Among others) that have been rumored to have hidden messages within there music that is skewing peoples perceptions of what is right and wrong.  For example Lady Gaga,  who is extremely popular right now,  recently released a new song called “Judas” as we all know, Judas is the individual that betrayed Jesus in the bible.  The song Judas is almost an ode to Judas.  I must admit the song is extremely catchy and you want to listen to it, It just makes you wonder what are her intentions.  What is she trying to say or prove.  Furthermore, the album art is Red with a cross in the middle and in the middle of the cross there is a large heart.  There seems to be plenty of symbolism within her music and plenty of it is just too much to deny.  “Judas’ is only one of many Lady Gaga songs that have these freakish lyrics and visuals.

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